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My underwear, your underwear vs. the floor

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Monday, December 4th, 2006
5:02 am - AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! the Fuck yeah syndrome!
Right now I am sitting in Seattle, WA watching 4 individuals partake in a game of competitive, Bomberman!

My life has been amazing...mostly. Which means 2 things...

1. I need to do good unto other people more so than ever before.

2. I need to visuallize those around me, and those closest to me in a positive light, or experiencing positive events and achievements in their lives.

I guess there's a third thing too...something I've already had many revelations upon, and that I've laready started working on and making amends with, which is bettering myself as an individual.

The past 3 months of my life have been very incredible, and I've been very privileged to have achieved many things I've been working for and have desired for long. Now's the time to use those to help the world around me.

I can't wait!

current mood: thankful

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Friday, April 21st, 2006
All I have to say is thank you to whoever/whatever, because my life has been amazing in the past month.

This tour has been going beyond amazing and extremely well. Of course it has its ups and downs (like anything else), but overall it's been incredible, and quite the learning experience/positive and productive pursuit. I am amazed, happy, and excited to see what lies ahead with the way the response and receptivity has been currently.

Highlight shows: Phoenix, Tucson, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas/Ft. Worth, St. Louis, Omaha. YEAH!

Last nights show was absolutely absurd! It was amaaaazing! I just want to thank you all for coming out and for making it so absolutely amazing and such a great time. Aside from the minor mic. difficulty it was a blast from the past, and party in the pants!

Thank you so much, and I love you all. I'm so grateful for all the great friends I've made over the past few years, and it's so much fun to dance alongside you all each and every time. WOOOOO!

On that note, some other highlights in the past month, that I am writing down to never forget:

-Played SXSW 2006, absolutely fucking incredible, and amazing. 4 shows, and they were all awesome. First show, sound was a bit lacking, but not bad at all. It sounded good, but I've become much more picky, so that was my only criticism.
-Met Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips!!!! OMG!!!!! That blew my mind, and I was shaking. I love that guy.
-Got new Flaming Lips CD, I think it's awesome.
-Have been touring for the past month, and it's been CUH-RAZY, and really excellent, altogether.
-Learning a lot from new experiences.
-Getting a lot out.
-Meeting a lot of new people.
-Receiving a lot of good news.
-Crushes? (What's new. But music is my boyfriend.)
-Met an amazing pair of people in Austin, TX who really helped me realize and desire to improve on what I am doing.
-Played the same venue I played at at SXSW and rocked it even harder! WOOOO! :)
-Got asked to play the Hyperactive Music Fest. in Albuquerque, NM.
-Got accepted to play the NXNE Music Festival in Toronto, Canada (YESSSS!!!! Television is playing this year.)
-Didn't write in my LJ for 2 months, or something. (Not really, I'm sorry LJ).
-Still can't tell the difference between Panic! At the Disco and Fallout Boy.
-Let's talk about SEX babyyyy.
-Let's talk about you and me.
-Let's talk about all the good things, and the bad things, that may be.
-Let's talk about sex.
-Let's talk about sex.
-Haven't had sex in almost half a year! YESSSS!
-Won the lottery!
-Became the quarterback of a national football team that launches in 2012.
-Won the lottery?!
-Played bass on the new Belle and Sebastian Record.
-Ran a train on GWB.
-Met Green Day
-Met The Strokes (ok, seriously, and they were awesome.)
-Transcended into spiritual bliss.
-Won the lottery.
-Bought a gold grill.

Thank you, and I love you all!

Hope you're all doing well.

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Friday, March 10th, 2006

Last two-weeks in review:

Hmmm...where to begin!!!

-Borders Books: Show!!!! Rocked hard!!!! Thought it wasn't as good as it was, then watched the video, and was like shit son!!! Video can make you feel better. It's made me re-think my stance on watching videotaped performances! YES!!!
------Recorded the crowd, that was so much fun!!! Now we'll have over a hundred people singing once section of the chorus in I hope we don't get exploded on the album version1!!! WOOOO! YEAH!!!

-Tucson with Tanner, wanted to see HGB, missed them, dinner with Forrest and Chelsea, pretty nice!

-Mega eats with Forrest again!
-Mega eats with HGB!

-Phoenix: HGB show, dressed up in a banana suit and showered the crowd with silly string and confetti! Meet, John the shark!


-Random Icy Core show...interesting!

-Promote! Promote! Promote! (Lots o' posters)

-Geared up for SXSW?!

-Guilty pleasures=music taste.

-I miss Nelly.

-Heck yeah!

-Sexual frustration.

-Practice! Practice! Practice!!!!

-Tanner's piece of music performed at Gammage...holy shittttt!!!!

-Tanner leaves to go to Louisiana! :(

-Uhhhhhhhh...Ska-Punk Award?! Hmmmm...


-CLEAN ROOM!!!! MEGA-YES!!!! Thanks Ray! :) (Same day as stickers)

-I MISSS NELLY! (A lot of talking with her!)

-Took van in to get serviced.
--Got locked out of house 2 times in one day. Really depressing. And frustrating.
---Chilled with Jake (got locked out of house once with him!) he shuttled me around, and picked me up from the dealership! Thanks Jake!

-NED CD's!!!- Belle and Sebastian- The Life Pursuit (I Like it, it's different), and Portugal. The Man- Waiter: You Vultures! (REALLY FUCKIN GOOD!) Plus a free Live Go! Team EP! :)

-Hung out with Ex-gf from long ago!!!! (Interesting!) :)

-TURNED 21!!!!!!?????????
---B-day dinner at Fate w/ Parents and friends!
-----CHOCOLATE GRAHM CRACKERS!!!! (My parents rule!)
--------I REALLY MISS NELLY!!!!!!!!!

-Drank first beer...hmmmmm...I don't know!

-Headcase, headcase, headcase!!!! GET OVER IT! JUST ENJOY THE PROCESS!
--Do you believe in Fate?
---Just fuckin' do it, damnit!

-Got our new sunglasses, they're blue!!! I'm BLUE DAVADIVADADA! YEAH!

-Cool dude makes our sunglasses. YES!

-----GOOFY Fuckin' pics. with the Jones Soda! HAHA!

-Possibly snapping out of it! YES!

-Most enlightening vocal lesson, yet!

-"Personally I think all that stuff is bull..." She says!!!! I love that woman! Thanks Anita!

-Continuation of snappage out of it! :)

-If you work hard...it pays off!!! :) :) :) YEAH!

-I love this!

-NEW CD! :)

-Polysics tomorrow!
-Polysics the next day! (In Tucson)
--Excited to play!

-We built this city on Rock and Roll!!!




-Let's get ready to rumble!





-I got this



-Get to AUSTIN!

-PLAY SXSW Day 1, 2, 4.

Ok, now I'm in the future...

5 shows in 3 DAYS?!

We are crazy.

Goodnight everyone.


Thanks. I love you all. Yes! This is going to be one heck of a week.

If there's anything that defines a week, it's this week. I am so grateful to be doing what I am privilaged to be doing with my life.

-S Dogg
This OCD has got to stop. :)

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Friday, February 10th, 2006
2:35 pm - Come see us at Oh Shit! A Fest?!
What up kids?!

Returning home safely from my ventures to LA...back for tonight to play...


We, Peachcake, will be playing at, 9:30ish @: FOUR WHITE WALLS!!!! (1023 Grand. Ave., Phoenix.)

Be there or be square. Come party with us for when tomorrow bares we're back out to LA for a while.

Hope all is well, and looking forward to seeing you hotties there, yo!


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Monday, February 6th, 2006
3:08 am - Say goodnight and go!
Well, I must say...the show last night at the Chain Reaction was most excellent. Overall it was really awesome. Minus the rushed set up, it was extremely fun and a really awesome show all around. I really had a blast and it was absolute mayhem in there. Confetti, tons of silly-string, dancing, kids going crazy, what more could we ask for. It was intense and really just like a crazy party. I really enjoyed myself and it was so great to see so many kids smiling, dancing and having a good time. I almost thought to achieve something like that in California in my lifetime would be an impossibility or just unrealistic because of how desensitized and privilaged the CA crowds are, but we have triumphed, and that's excitement in itself. I'm very proud. It was a great time. Had we had more time to get situated it would've even been more amazing, but it was altogether super fantastic!!!! FOR SURE!

Oh, and the response of kids singing along to songs was completely overwhelming and flattering...I really did not expect that at all, and that made my heart feel all warm. Wow...especially on Jim Carrey (choruses) and all of Internet Cafe. :) :) :) YEAH!

Today John and I met up with Anthony and worked on the single for the album, "Souls have no drum machine," doing some mild mixing/production/editing tricks and things, and that went well. It was a lot of fun, and we got a lot done and some things worked out. Overall, it's coming along nicely and sounding super fucking good, and I like most of it, but there are some things I'm not digging for sure. I don't like some of the effects/processing they're doing to the vocals. Just because it sounds good and works (especially in the ironic sens of the song alone) doesn't mean I think it's necessary or that I like it. I guess I'm also not used to a few things:

1. I never have thought that I was some amazing positive glass-shattering, awesome singer, but I maybe have actually made a lot of improvement, and am genuinely not used to it sounding better after hearing it recorded which is one thing I'm maybe starting to realize (yet, I of course always think I can do better and need work, regardless of all the good or bad).

2. Working in a "professional" recording studio with "professional" sound engineers/designers/producers who can do/make things happen and make things sound ways I've never thought our music would sound like (in a good and different way).

3. Some of the options that are open to us as far as production.

Anyway, the single has to be done by Feb. 14th for production towards being distributed/dispersed at SXSW, which I know at this point is seeming like a very imperative move on our part and Subtractive's part...but the good thing is, if it goes out there, it's not the final version/product so we can go back and fix/redo/change things we (or I) maybe didn't like and make it different on the album, but still similar enough. Ya know.

Either way, there's some good stuff coming out with it, and I'm very happy and proud of the takes and performances mostly, I just don't know if I'm digging on all the production tactics. I suppose it's been an experience and something I'm for sure learning about, thus a huge learning experience, and whenever you go through such a drastic one, especially with something you love and are passionate/compassionate about, or in any fashion, you find things you don't like of course. I'm being optimistic because it's still not done and we still need to bring in some other vocal takes I've done to layer them, and I think that's going to make all the difference. I have a feeling I'll end up being very happy and satisfied with it. There's a lot of earnest and diligent work behind this project and I'm thinking it's only going to result in excellent and superb result.

Goodnight all!!!! Hope you're all doing well!!!! I shall return to the valley soon!


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Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
4:26 am - Suggested music selections:
Well, this is stuff I've come across as result of just searching through new artist's that have come to my attention, and I like it so much I thought I'd pass it on to anyone looking for something new to check out. Some of these I've heard of, or will be people some of you are very familiar with, but I just came across it and it's undeniably good:

Felix Da Housecat- Rocket Ride, What She Wants, Everyone is Someone in LA
Imogen Heap- Hide and Seek, Goodnight and Go
Basement Jaxx- Where's Your Heat At? (C'mon it's classic)
Murray Head- One Night in Bangkok
Carl Cox- Dr. Funk (Rhythm Master's Remix), Dr. Funk (Original version)



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Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
12:15 pm - Show in Tucson tonight!!!! (BENEFIT!!)
We have a couple of awesome benefit shows coming up that we'll be doing in the next few weeks. I urge you all to come out, maybe even take a drive to see them...they stand fo great causes and will help aid the world/America toward a more rich and true culture for generations to come!

TONIGHT, JAN. 31st, 2006:

WORLD CAN'T WAIT BENEFIT (In protest to Bush's SOU address which airs tonight, will be discussing it and counteracting some of the claims and issues he makes, money goes toward helping funding Bush protest, etc.)

Tom Walbank
Musica Obscura
Broken End Stereo.

7PM @: Skrappy's (201 E. Broadway, Tucson)

February 17th, 2006:

NAU presents the VH1- SAVE THE MUSIC BENEFIT!!!!
@: NAU in Flagstaff.

I don't know much about this because we just got asked to do it, but more details coming soon. If you're intereste din attending, let me know!

Hope to see you at one of these. YAYE!!!

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Sunday, January 29th, 2006
12:21 pm - Sheesh...
There were just way too many typo's in that last one...that's what you get for updating your journal at 4am, or around then...

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4:45 am - Ok, so I've made a decision...
And that is that I am going to begin embarking on a journey, and in this journey, I will be a motivational speaker who speaks in High School/College gymnasiums across the country, and all I do is get up there, and introduce myself, then say, "All you need to do in life is ask yourself one question, and that question is...!!!!!" And then I hit play on the CD player which is linked to the Gym's PA, and it plays loud and clear:

BASEMENT JAXX- Where's your head at?

At which point I break out into a dancing frenzy and run around up and down the aisles, while reciting the words in people's faces.

Then I leave.

John suggested that I have technical difficulties for like 20-30 minutes before I commence the actual speech. Hmmmm.


P.S. Kateypants...fucking IM me. I want to talk to you besides LJ comments. I feel so restricted. ;)

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Saturday, January 28th, 2006
4:17 am - YEAH!
All I have to say about SXSW is...



Today was a super fantastic day. A lot happened, and a lot got done. I am happy to have maybe half the tour booked by now!!! WOOOOO!!!!

Can't wait to rocket like a light socket!


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Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
3:37 am - HOLY SHIT!
The trip to LA was fucking incredible!!! One of the best weekends of my life, ever, I must say. I will truly never forget it. This weekend really meant a lot to me, and was extremely exciting, and productive for sure! Probably some of the best studio seshing done yet, and extremely fun and unifying.

The Coachella movie was out of this world! I highly recommend seeing it, and it comes out tomorrow!!!! OR TODAY!!! (JANUARY 24th, 2006!!!). www.coachella.com for theatre info. :) Seriously...anyone who has a passion toward anything in life, not just music, this movie is inspirational, and a must see. I'm so proud of Anthony, Ryan, and Kyle's work!!! :) Hooray for them!


Also, I got some 411 on the Coachella 2006 line-up, and all I can say...is it's fucking amazing this year. End of story.

Blah, blah, blah!

Can't wait for SXSW! Focusing much energy there, I'm so excited!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Long live the kings!

No matter what the outcome is of one thing that was discussed and went on this weekend, I'm just proud of the window's of opportunity we've created and made, and have deep faith and compassion in the people/relationships we've conjured and are working with.

Thank you!

Goodnight all!!!! WOOO!

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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
4:10 am - :)
It's great to know that I've still got some sweet friends.

Hide and seek.


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Friday, January 13th, 2006
4:35 am - Well, well, well, dreams really do come true...
As I started to somewhat doze off into a bit of a slumber, I started thinking and pondering my life. I really am fortunate and grateful to live such a beautifully privilaged life and to be doing what I am doing, partaking in what I am partaking in, heading in the direction I am heading in, and making the life I truly feel I want to live for myself.

We have graciously been accepted and given the opportunity to partake in this year's SXSW music festival, and this is just absolutely amazing. Some (few) of you may know that this has been a goal of mine for two years now, ever since I began attending in 2004, and then since we didn't get accepted after submitting for last year's. It just really shows me how hard work, perserverance, and really loving yourself and those around you and accepting your challenges and stepping up to become more diligent and more earnest and understanding can really take you a long way. I've really become a much better person in the past year, and I think this acceptance is a showing of that. I've definitely has my moments and struggles and opinions, thoughts, anger and confusion, but through thick and thin I've stuck it out. It's so exciting, and I believe it's a sign of what's to come, and that my and our hard work has paid off, and that we've come so far and a long way in only a year. I am so proud of us. I know it may seem like I'm boasting or making a big deal out of this, but it truly means a lot to me. This is not only a band-related thing or goal, but a true personal goal I've had for two whole years of my life.

I am so fortunate to have supportive, amazing parents who aren't making me go to school so I can pursue my dream. I am so lucky to have amazing friends and fans and band members who are all in all just great friends in the end supporting what we do, and reveling in all of the happiness it brings us in different ways. I am just so excited for this year. I think it's going to be an amazing one.

But most of all, I am grateful and thankful to have such amazing co-workers and individuals behind us who have pushed us to our best and made us better and improved what was already there, and is still improving it. It's shown me what we can do and what we're capable of, and has foreshadowed the possibilities of our creations.

Who knows what the future holds, but I have a feeling, it all good from now on. and I have everyone to thank for that. So...THANK YOU, friends, fans, family, co-workers, supporters, and the like, and of course, NELLY! YOU! Yes dear, it's only making more and more sense and becoming more apparent to me of why we met at this point in our lives and I'm so happy to be there and share with you and revel in all of our success, and the hardships, and be alongside you, and everyone else who I'm alongside (which is everyone I've been talking about the whole time if you haven't caught on). And that doesn't mean you have to be alongside Nelly, because you may not know her, for those of you who are confused (fans, friends, co-workers, band members, supporters, family), but we are all human, and we should all be alongside one another because it only makes sense when you think about. :)

Thank you all, and this year's gonna be awesome kids!



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Sunday, January 8th, 2006
4:22 am - You must obtain these songs/albums/pieces of music at some point...
Jaga Jazzist- A Living Room Hush (WOW!)
Float On- Kidz Bop version, by Modest Mouse off the Kidz Bop 7 CD
Lady Sovereign- Vertically Challenged

These have been ruling like savages over my body.

I have a new vision on how to unify the world...not saying it's going to work, but at least I have it. :)


P.S. I met the coolest dude who makes noise recordings, holy man!!!

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Thursday, January 5th, 2006
3:18 PM

Kyle: ok dorks
i can get you into the coachella premiere
it's january 19th
Me: NO WAY!!!!!!@!!!!

3:20 PM

Me: YES!
Me: This might just make my year.
Kyle: i suppose we could then record that weekend


You should go see it...

COACHELLA DOCUMENTARY, Jan. 24th, 2006, in theaters, ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!! ::PHOENIX::

9090 East Indian Bend
15512 N Pima Rd

I was privilaged to have seen a fairly decent portion of this movie, and I must say, it's absolutely AMAZING! I strongly suggest if you're a big music lover or fan in general, and/or a big lover or fan of Coachella, to check this out. The performances are fantastic. It really may be the greatest rock documentary of all time.

OR, you can have, version 2 because of my OCD:


PHOENIX SCOTTSDALE PAVILIONS 11, 9090 East Indian Bend Scottsdale AZ 85250
PHOENIX SONORA VILLAGE 10, 15512 N Pima Rd Scottsdale AZ 85254

Seriously...I have been privilaged to see a fair portion of this documentary, and it is amazing, astounding, insert really exciting, creative, adjective that describes excellence or amazement here, woah. It really blew my mind, just the little I saw. If you're a lover or fan of Coachella or festival's, and/or just music altogether, or in general, I STRONGLY urge you to check out and see this movie, because it may very well be the greatest rock documentary ever made!!! Besides the Hammerfall one, YO!!!

You can visit: http://www.coachella.com for tickets and more info.

Hope you catch it, seriously, ONE FUCKING NIGHT OF PURE BLISS!!!!

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Monday, January 2nd, 2006
12:55 am - YEEEEEAAAH!!!!!
We've been nominated for a fucking SKA-PUNK AWARD!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!

Best Song- "Souls have no drum machine."

What a way to start off the year, eh?

Well, I don't know what it all means yet, but I think that's awesome, and I'm excited. I remember when I was younger I think it was my dream to be nominated for Ska-Punk Award, and also to be on Jones Soda bottle. So far I have accomplished two teenage dreams. That's weird. Hahahaha. I'm proud of myself.

So, recording wasn't so productive todayyyyy!!! Why?!!!! Because Kyle was mega-sick, and so we edited and produced some stuff in "Biz Markie is Happy He's Biz Markie." That went pretty well and was cool for the most part. It's coming along very nicely and sound awesome, so that made me happy to hear it! :)

Tomorrow should be cool. We're going to go check out this studio our friend Shawn offered for us to record in then head home. I ran into a guy who saw us in LA at Hangar 1018 at Amoeba Records and he was really awesome. His friend who works for the company that is probably working our record was there too, and it was so awesome to meet him and get the scoop of every thing first hand from someone who works in the company itself because I had heard so much back and forth about them and it and their interest in us, so that was quite reassuring. We talked about music for a while which was awesome and I'm gonna see what he's doing tomorrow. Super awesome and great guy. It's really awesome and super to have people who seem to dig the music and are so enthusiastic on our side. I was really excited about that.

I'm a little anxious to be home. LA is really nerve-racking and we have some more writing and tightening up to do on a few things on the record, so I'm glad to be getting back soon to work all that out and really get things in top shape! Should be great! I have great faith and confidence this record is going to be done, and done well, and will turnout fantastic! I'm so happy, and I can't wait!

And if it's not going that way, then, we can always fix and redo shit! YEAH!

No rush man, no rush....

Well, hope you're all doing well, and I picked up some good music I'd like to share with you from Amoeba today:

Chris Clark (IDM/Crazy Electronic)
New Order- Singles
Underworld- A Hundred Days Off
Neutral Milk Hotel- Aeroplane Over the Sea (rebought)
Jaga Jazzist
Lady Sovereign (Recommended by that guy I met).

Anyway, goodnight! Hope you had a Happy New Year's Day and New Year! HAPPY OLD YEAR TOO!!!! :)

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Sunday, January 1st, 2006
3:00 am - Hmmmm...
I'm not exactly sure why I posted the web sites like I did in the last post, maybe because I've been doing it all day to people on Myspace and it's almost become a reflex...????

Well, I'm leaving it because I kind of like it. It's got conviction.


Ok, Hope You're All Doing Well. It's been a good one for me, and hope it has for you. Be kind.

Gooooooodnight. :) :) :) You all.

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2:17 am - YEAAAH!!!!

May 2006 bring you all great success and happiness!!! WEEEEE!!! :) OH YEAH!


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Saturday, December 31st, 2005
Today being in the studio was very producvtive. Got some melodica done, as well as bass, and vocals to a brand new song going on the record all worked out, and at least demo-ed, maybe even final-cut worthy.

That's exciting.

We're getting pretty close to having every thing recorded which is awesome because that means we get to edit, and mix! Anthony was doing that today to "Souls have no drum machine" and it was quite awesome sounding. Coming along nicely. Of course, I'm skeptical and curious, interested to know of a few things, but I like its progress the more I think about it. A lot of progress is being made and things are coming together and along quite well altogether.

Today was probably the most fun I've had in the studio yet which leads me to believe the furthered outcome of things is going to be more and more exciting, interesting, and unified as it all continues throughout Jan.

Tomorrow I think we're recording a bunch of more vocal stuff, and editing/mixing. We may do bass in "Veneer" or also known as, "Everybody loves raymond except JohnO." Not sure yet.

This has been a fantastic way to spend the end of my year. A lot of good and bad, and concern being worked out and dealt with, and things seem to be gelling all together at once at the year's last glance. And, I'm surrounded by a team of people who I absolutely adore, love, and learn so much from all the time and enjoy working with, and who are some of my best friends. I think that's a sign that something very awesome is going to happen for us all in 2006.

Thigns seem to right (back) on track and heading the way they need to be in a productivity, creative, learning, and attitudinal direction/essene/way, yo, and that's just sweet! HELL YEAH!

I really miss Nelly. I know she's kicking training's ass in Park City, UT, and she's going to be one fucking huge, successful person with her sport (if she wants, of course). Rock forth mah girl! Together we shall rule 2006!

Goodnight rockin' world.

P.S. Everyone check out this awesome new thing called "Headphone Party."


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Thursday, December 29th, 2005
4:14 am - FUCK YEAH DUDE!
Though it's easy to get down about the things you do sometimes, the decisions you make, or even just plain the way you are, I've found solace in what I'm doing and accomplishing with my life. I'm naturally a competitive person, and to try and rid my (true) self of that, it wouldn't make sense, for that would almost essentially ruin and imbellish my realism to some extent, in it's own way. Thus, I've realized how lucky, fortunate, and excited (not to mention, grateful) I for real, think I am to be working with the people I've been so privilaged to work with. In the band, making the songs, the producers/production team out here in LA, who are so awesome and knowledgable about our intentions as a band, and about their work and profession, and just the amazing energy that's all slowly built and grown over the past few years!

More working on the album tomorrow...mixing/editing time, woooooot!!!

The show last night at the Chain was off the hook!!!! The chain went off the HOOK!!! HAHAHAHA!! Thanks to Hellogoodbye for asking us to be a part of such an awesome, and fantastic show/line-up. It was a great way to introduce us to the OC scene, and definitely a good introduction twas. We played very well, and though I went into it with slightly different expectations that didn't quite come out the way I thought, the show was great! Excellent sound, good energy, and one of the tighter shows we've had. NOT TO MENTION A FANTASTIC CROWD RESPONSE!!! FO SHIZZZEEE! :) Awesome! SO MUCH FUN! Especiaqlly jamming with Chris at the end, that was rad!

Thanks so much to all the kids who were so into it and supportive, and who gave us some awesome Efeedback! :) :) :) We're glad so many of you enjoyed the show! :) :) :) We had a blast!

I'm having the time of my life !!!! I hope you are too. Because you always should be no matter what. It's all in part, a state of mind.


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